Question: Refer to the Arpegio Products Data Set Calculate the MP3

Refer to the Arpegio Products Data Set. Calculate the MP3 player project’s payback ­period. If the MP3 project had a residual value of $ 100,000, would the payback period change? Explain and recalculate if necessary. Does this investment pass Arpegio’s ­payback period screening rule?
Arpegio Products Data Set.
Arpegio Products is considering producing MP3 players and digital video recorders (DVRs). The products require different specialized machines, each costing $ 1 million. Each machine has a five- year life and zero residual value. The two products have different patterns of predicted net cash inflows:

Arpegio will consider making capital investments only if the payback period of the project is less than 3.5 years and the ARR exceeds8%.
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