Refer to the British Journal of Educational Psychology (Vol. 80, 2010) study of teenage drivers' temptation to exceed the speed limit, Exercise. Recall that in a survey of 258 student drivers taken 5 months after the students had attended a safe-driver presentation, responses (measured on a 7-point scale) to the question "Are you confident that you can resist your friends' persuasion to drive faster?" had a mean of 4.98 and a standard deviation of 1.62. A MINITAB printout for testing H0:µ= 4.7 against Ha: µ7 4.7 is shown below.
a. Locate the p -value of the test on the printout. What does the p -value measure?
b. Give the appropriate conclusion for a = .05. Does this conclusion agree with your answer to Exercise 8.26d?

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