Refer to the British Journal of Sports Medicine Feb 1
Refer to the British Journal of Sports Medicine (Feb. 1, 2004) study of chronic Achilles tendon pain, presented in Exercise. Recall that each in a sample of 25 patients with chronic Achilles tendinosis was treated with heavy-load eccentric calf muscle training. Tendon thickness (in millimeters) was measured both before and following the treatment of each patient. These experimental data are shown in the accompanying table and saved in the TENDON file.
a. What experimental design was employed in this study?
b. How many treatments are used in this study? How many blocks?
c. Give the null and alternative hypothesis for determining whether the mean tendon thickness before treatment differs from the mean after treatment.
d. Compute the test statistic for the test in part c , using the paired difference t formula of Section 9.3.
e. Use statistical software (or the formulas in Appendix B) to compute the ANOVA F-statistic for the test in part c.
f. Compare the test statistics you computed in parts d and e. You should find that F = t2.
g. Show that the two tests from parts d and e yield identical p -values.
h. Give the appropriate conclusion, using α = .05.
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