Question: Refer to the data in Exercise 14 15 Compute the following financial

Refer to the data in Exercise 14-15.Compute the following financial ratios for the year 2012:
In Exercise 14-15. Comparative financial statements for the Rahul Corporation for the year ended December 31 are given below. A total of 500,000 shares of stock were outstanding. The market value of the company’s stock at the end of the year was $25.

Rahul Corporation
Comparative Income Statement and Reconciliation of Retained Earnings
For the Year Ended December 31, 2012 and 2011

a. Asset turnover.
b. Accounts receivable turnover.
c. Days ‘sales in receivables.
d. Inventory turnover.
e. Days ‘sales in inventory.
Comment on theresults.

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