Refer to the data in Problem 3 140 Two individuals one
Refer to the data in Problem 3.140. Two individuals, one from Canada and one from England, are interested in your analysis of these data but they need your results in different units. The Canadian individual wants the results in grams (1 pound  435.59 grams), while the English individual wants the results in stones (1 stone  14 pounds).
a. Convert the data on weights from pounds to grams, and then recalculate the mean, median, and standard deviation of weight for males and females separately. Repeat the procedure, changing the unit from pounds to stones.
b. Convert your answers from Problem 3.140 to grams and stones. What do you notice about these answers and your answers from part a?
c. What happens to the values of the mean, median, and standard deviation when you convert from a larger unit to a smaller unit (e.g., from pounds to grams)? Does the same thing happen if you convert from a smaller unit (e.g., pounds) to a larger unit (e.g., stones)?
d. Figure 3.15 gives a stacked dotplot of these weights in pounds and stones. Which of these two distributions has more variability? Use your results from parts a to c to explain why this is the case.
e. Now consider the weights in pounds and grams. Make a stacked dotplot for these data and answer part d.
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