Question: Refer to the Evolutionary Qi Ecology Research July 2003 study

Refer to the Evolutionary Qi Ecology Research (July 2003) study of the patterns of extinction in the New Zealand bird population, presented in Exercise. Suppose you are interested in estimating the mean egg length (in millimeters) for the New Zealand bird population.
a. What is the target parameter?
b. Recall that the egg lengths for 132 bird species are saved in the NZBIRDS file. Obtain a random sample of 50 egg lengths from the data set.
c. Find the mean and standard deviation of the 50 egg lengths you obtained in part b.
d. Use the information from part c to form a 99% confidence interval for the true mean egg length of a bird species found in New Zealand.
e. Give a practical interpretation of the interval you found in part d.

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