Question: Refer to the information in E10 6 In its first year

Refer to the information in E10–6. In its first year of operations, Finishing Touches has net income of $160,000 and pays dividends at the end of the year of $94,500 ($1 per share) on all common shares outstanding and $2,400 on all preferred shares outstanding.
In E10–6, Finishing Touches has two classes of stock authorized: 8%, $10 par preferred, and $1 par value common. The following transactions affect stockholders’ equity during 2015, its first year of operations:
January 2 Issues 100,000 shares of common stock for $35 per share.
February 6 Issues 3,000 shares of 8% preferred stock for $11 per share.
September 10 Repurchases 11,000 shares of its own common stock for $40 per share.
December 15 Reissues 5,500 shares of treasury stock at $45 per share.

Prepare the stockholders’ equity section of the balance sheet for Finishing Touches as of December 31, 2015.

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