Question: Refer to the information in Problem 17 38 Suppose that Publishers

Refer to the information in Problem 17-38. Suppose that Publishers, Inc., uses the FIFO method instead of the weighted-average method in all of its departments. The only changes to Problem 17-38 under the FIFO method are that total transferred-in costs of beginning work in process on April 1 are $ 44,100 (instead of $ 39,060) and that total transferred-in costs added during April are $ 149,760 (instead of $ 155,520).
In Problem 17-38, Publishers, Inc., has two departments: printing and binding. Each department has one direct-cost category (direct materials) and one indirect-cost category (conversion costs). This problem focuses on the binding department. Books that have undergone the printing process are immediately transferred to the binding department. Direct material is added when the binding process is 70% complete. Conversion costs are added evenly during binding operations. When those operations are done, the books are immediately transferred to Finished Goods. Publishers, Inc., uses the weighted-average method of process costing. The following is a summary of the April 2014 operations of the binding department.

1. Using the FIFO process-costing method, complete Problem 17-38.
2. If you did Problem 17-38, explain any difference between the cost of work completed and transferred out and the cost of ending work in process in the binding department under the weighted-average method and the FIFOmethod.

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