Question: Refer to the information presented in E9 6 for Parker Plastic

Refer to the information presented in E9-6 for Parker Plastic.

Parker Plastic had the following actual results for the past year:
Number of units produced and sold ..... 1,000,000
Number of square feet of plastic used .... 11,800,000
Cost of plastic purchased and used ...... $ 8,260,000
Number of labor hours worked ...... 245,000
Direct labor cost ............. $ 2,891,000
Variable overhead cost ......... $ 318,500
Fixed overhead cost ........... $ 355,000

Prepare the journal entry to record the following for Parker Plastic:
1. Direct materials costs and related variances. Assume the company purchases raw materials as needed and does not maintain any ending inventories.
2. Direct labor and related variances.
3. Variable overhead costs and related variances.
4. Fixed overhead transactions assuming overhead is applied based on budgetedproduction.
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