Question: Refer to the Journal of Adolescence April 2010 study of

Refer to the Journal of Adolescence (April 2010) study of adolescents’ disclosure of their dating and romantic relationships, Exercise. Data collected for a sample of 222 high school students were used to determine the level of disclosure of the date’s identity to an adolescent’s mother (measured on a 5-point scale, where 1 = “never tell,” 2 = “rarely tell,” 3 = “sometimes tel,” 4 = “almost always tell,” and 5 = ”always tell). Multiple regression was used to model level of disclosure (y) to several independent variables, including gender (x1 = 1 if female, 0 if male), age (x2, years), dating experience (x3, years), and level of trust in parents (x4, 5-point scale).
a. Give the equation of a first-order model for y as a function of the four independent variables.
b. The coefficient of determination for the model, part a, was reported as R2 = .24. Give a practical interpretation of this value.
c. Give the null hypothesis for testing the overall adequacy of the model, part a.
d. The test, part c, resulted in F = 56.60 with p-value < .001. Interpret this result using α = .05.
e. The estimate of the beta coefficient for age (x2) was reported as – .09. Give a practical interpretation of this value.

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