Refer to the Journal of Applied Psychology June 2002 completely
Refer to the Journal of Applied Psychology (June 2002) completely randomized design study to compare the mean commercial recall scores of viewers of three TV programs, presented in Exercise 10.33 (p. 495). Recall that one program had a violent content code (V) rating, one had a sex content code (S) rating, and one was a neutral TV program. Using Tukey’s method, the researchers conducted multiple comparisons of the three mean recall scores.
a. How many pair wise comparisons were made in this study?
b. The multiple-comparison procedure was applied to the TVADRECALL data and the results are shown in the MINITAB printout at the bottom of the page. An experiment wise error rate of .05 was used. Locate the confidence interval for the comparison of the V and S groups. Interpret this result practically.
c. Repeat part b for the remaining comparisons. Which of the groups has the largest mean recall score?
d. In the journal article, the researchers concluded that “memory for [television] commercials is impaired after watching violent or sexual programming.” Do you agree?
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