Question: Refer to the Reading in a Foreign Language April 2004

Refer to the Reading in a Foreign Language (April 2004) experiment to improve the Japanese reading comprehension levels of University of Hawaii students presented in Exercise. Recall that 14 students participated in a 10-week extensive reading program in a second-semester Japanese course. The data on number of books read by each student are saved in the JAPANESE file. A MINITAB printout of the data analysis is shown below.
a. State the null and alternative hypotheses for determining whether the average number of books read by all students who participated in the extensive reading program exceeds 25.
b. Find the rejection region for the test, using α = .05.
c. Compute the test statistic.
d. State the appropriate conclusion for the test.
e. What conditions are required for the test results to be valid?
f. Locate the p -value on the MINITAB printout and use it to test the hypothesis. Your conclusion should agree with your answer in part d.

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