Refer to the situation in Problem 6 Suppose the manager
Refer to the situation in Problem 6. Suppose the manager of MamaMia’s current order quantity is 300 boxes. How much can be saved by adopting an EOQ versus their current Q = 300?
Problem 6
MamaMia’s Pizza purchases its pizza delivery boxes from a printing supplier. MamaMia’s delivers on-average 225 pizzas each month (assume deterministic demand). Boxes cost 23 cents each, and each order costs $12.50 to process. Because of limited storage space, the manager wants to charge inventory holding at 25 percent of the cost. The lead time is 7 days, and the restaurant is open 360 days per year, assuming 30 days per month. Determine the economic order quantity, reorder point assuming no safety stock, number of orders per year, and total annual cost.
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