Refer to the transactions in E6 11 In E6 11 DS Unlimited
Refer to the transactions in E6–11.
In E6–11, DS Unlimited has the following transactions during August.
August 6 Purchases 70 handheld game devices on account from GameGirl, Inc., for $200 each, terms 1/10, n/60.
August 7 Pays $400 to Sure Shipping for freight charges associated with the August 6 purchase.
August 10 Returns to GameGirl six game devices that were defective.
August 14 Pays the full amount due to GameGirl.
August 23 Sells 50 game devices purchased on August 6 for $220 each to customers on account. The total cost of the 50 game devices sold is $10,212.50.

Prepare the transactions for GameGirl, Inc., assuming the company uses a perpetual inventory system. Assume the 70 game devices sold on August 6 to DS Unlimited had a cost to GameGirl of $180 each. The items returned on August 10 were considered worthless to GameGirl and were discarded.

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