Question: Refer to the transactions in P9 6 Additional information 1 Depreciation expense for

Refer to the transactions in P9.6.
Additional information:
1. Depreciation expense for the month was $ 15,000 on the factory building and $ 5,000 on the manufacturing equipment.
2. Depreciation expense for the month was $ 3,000 on selling and administrative equipment.
3. Overhead is closed to cost of goods sold after the adjusting entries are made.
4. The account balances before the P9.6 entries were made are presented in the following trial balance:
A. Use the trial balance and open the appropriate T- accounts.
B. Post the journal entries prepared in P9.6 to the accounts. (Additional accounts will be required.)
C. Prepare a preliminary trial balance.
D. Prepare the adjusting entries as needed and post to the appropriate accounts.
E. Prepare a schedule of cost of goods manufactured for the month.

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