Refer to the transactions of Chow Company in P6 3C In
Refer to the transactions of Chow Company in P6-3C.
In P6-3C, At the beginning of June, Chow Company has a balance in inventory of $2,100. The following transactions occur during the month of June.
June 2 Purchase radios on account from Air One for $2,400, terms 2/15, n/45.
June 4 Pay freight charges related to the June 2 purchase from Air One, $400.
June 8 Return defective radios to Air One and receive credit, $600.
June 10 Pay Air One in full.
June 11 Sell radios to customers on account, $5,000 that had a cost of $3,300.
June 18 Receive payment on account from customers, $3,100.
June 20 Purchase radios on account from Motion Unlimited for $3,300, terms 3/10, n/30.
June 23 Sell radios to customers for cash, $4,800 that had a cost of $3,200.
June 26 Return damaged radios to Motion Unlimited and receive credit of $300.
June 28 Pay Motion Unlimited in full.

1. Assuming that Circuit Country uses a periodic inventory system, record the transactions.
2. Record the month-end adjustment to inventory, assuming that a final count reveals ending inventory with a cost of $656.
3. Prepare the top section of the multiple-step income statement through gross profit for the month of June.

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