Question: Refer to the Yoder s direct materials budget prepared in Short

Refer to the Yoder’s direct materials budget prepared in Short Exercise S22- 5. Assume Yoder pays for direct materials purchases 50% in the month of purchase and 50% in the month after purchase. The Accounts Payable balance on January 1 is $ 25,000. Prepare a schedule for the budgeted cash payments for purchases for January and February.
Round to the nearest dollar.
Exercise S22- 5
Yoder budgets $ 65 per luggage set for direct materials. Indirect materials are insignificant and not considered for budgeting purposes. The balance in the Raw Materials Inventory account (all direct materials) on January 1 is $ 45,000. Yoder desires the ending balance in Raw Materials Inventory to be 40% of the next month’s direct materials needed for production. Desired ending balance for February is $ 46,800. Use this information and the production budget prepared in S22- 4 to prepare Yoder’s direct materials budget for January and February.

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