Registration at Southern University has always been a time of emotion, commotion, and lines. Students must move among four stations to complete the trying semiannual process. Last semester’s registration, held in the fieldhouse is described in figure 9.20. You can see, for example, that 450 students moved from the paperwork station (A) to advising (B), and 550 went directly from A to picking up their class cards (C). Graduate students, who for the most part had preregistered, proceeded directly from A to the station where registration is verified and payment collected (D). They layout used last semester is also shown in figure 9.20. The registrar is preparing to set up this semester’s stations and is anticipating similar numbers.

(a) What is the “load X distance,” or “movement cost,” pf the layout shown?
(b) Provide an improved layout and compute its movementcost.

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