Remote Components recently installed a backflush costing system One department makes
Remote Components recently installed a backflush-costing system. One department makes 4-inch speakers with a standard cost as follows:
Materials .... $ 9.40
Conversion costs . 4.70
Total ....... $14.10
Speakers are scheduled for production only after orders are received, and products are shipped to customers immediately on completion. Therefore, no finished-goods inventories are kept, and product costs are applied directly to cost of goods sold.

In October, 2,200 speakers were produced and shipped to customers. Materials were purchased at a cost of $23,980, and actual conversion costs (labor plus manufacturing overhead) of $10,490 were recorded.
1. Prepare journal entries to record October’s costs for the production of 4-inch speakers.
2. Prepare a journal entry to recognize underapplied or overapplied conversion costs.

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