Remote Point of Sales in Mexico Melissa and Rook Nelson
Remote Point of Sales in Mexico Melissa and “Rook” Nelson, co-owners of Skydive Chicago, shut down their northern operations in mid- December each year. With heavy cloud cover and frigid temperatures, they just cannot find enough skydivers willing to jump over the frozen Chicago landscape. Without customers, valued staff members would migrate to southern drop zones, and more than a million dollars in aircraft assets would sit in a hangar. Some northern drop zone owners turn to hauling freight. Others lease their aircraft to southern drop zones. Melissa and Rook, world champion skydivers themselves, developed other plans. Each winter, Skydive Chicago moves their operations to sunny Ixtapa, Mexico. By moving south, Skydive Chicago keeps its aircraft in operation, provides year-round employment for valued staff members, gives its northern customers a sunny winter holiday destination, and introduces skydiving to crowds of tourists seeking to enjoy the beach from a new angle. When Skydive Chicago relocates to Ixtapa, they take their computers with them. “We use them for everything,” said Rook. “Everything” includes Web site updates, newsletters, video editing, photo printing, jump manifesting, e-mail, customer account management, and credit card processing. With three computers, a credit card reader, a router, an Internet connection through Telmex, and credit card clearing through Authorize.Net, business continues in a much more hospitable climate.
a. Research credit card readers. What are the popular brands? What features do they offer? How much do they cost?
b. Research mobile point-of-sale devices. What are the popular brands? What features do they offer? How much do they cost?
c. Look up “Authorize.Net” and explore the Web site as a prospective retail merchant. Read and summarize a retail merchant case study.

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