Question: Rene who came from a wealthy family was a teacher

Rene, who came from a wealthy family, was a teacher in what was considered a rural school district. She and her friend Curtis, an attorney, lived together, although they were not married. Rene got pregnant. She got frightened that a nonmarital pregnancy would prevent her from getting tenure (a permanent appointment) on her job. She and Curtis agreed to get married and stay married until after she had the baby and received tenure on her job, both of which would occur in approximately one year. For doing this, Rene promised to give Curtis $ 35,000. They wrote up an agreement specifying the conditions under which they would marry and then divorce. Rene had her child and also got a permanent appointment at her school. The conditions having been fulfilled, they then divorced, but Rene refused to pay Curtis the $ 35,000. Can Curtis legally collect this money?

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