Question: Reorganize the items in each of the following lists using

Reorganize the items in each of the following lists, using appropriate headings. Use bulleted or numbered lists as appropriate.
a. Rules and Procedures for a Tuition Reimbursement Plan
1. You are eligible to be reimbursed if you have been a full-time employee for at least three months.
2. You must apply before the first class meeting.
3. You must earn a “C” or better in the course.
4. You must submit a copy of the approved application, an official grade report, and a receipt for tuition paid to be reimbursed.
5. You can be reimbursed for courses related to your current position or another position in the company, or for courses which are part of a degree related to a current or possible job.
6. Your supervisor must sign the application form.
7. Courses may be at any appropriate level (high school, college, or graduate school).
b. Activities in Starting a New Business
■ Getting a loan or venture capital.
■ Getting any necessary city or state licenses.
■ Determining what you will make, do, or sell.
■ Identifying the market for your products or services.
■ Pricing your products or services.
■ Choosing a location.
■ Checking zoning laws that may affect the location.
■ Identifying government and university programs for small business development.
■ Figuring cash flow.
■ Ordering equipment and supplies.
■ Selling.
■ Advertising and marketing.

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