Repeat the simulation in Problem F 17 assuming that the reorder
Repeat the simulation in Problem F.17, assuming that the reorder point is 4 units rather than 2. Compare the costs for these two situations. Again use the same random numbers as in Problem F.7?
In Problem F.17, Dumoer Appliance Center sells and services several brands of major appliances. Past sales for a particular model of refrigerator have resulted in the following probability distribution for demand:

The lead-time in weeks is described by the following distribution:

Based on cost considerations as well as storage space, the company has decided to order 10 of these each time an order is placed. The holding cost is SI per week for each unit that s left in inventory at the end of the week. The stockout cost has been set at $40 per stock-out. The company has decided to place an order whenever there are only two refrigerators left at the end of the week. Simulate 10 weeks of operation for Dumoor Appliance, assuming that there are currently 5 units in inventory. Determine what the weekly stockout cost and weekly holding cost would be for the problem. Use the random numbers in the first column of Table F.4 for demand and the second column for leadtime.
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