Research Randomizer is a free service offered to students and researchers interested in conducting random assignment and random sampling. Although every effort has been made to develop a useful means of generating random numbers, Research Randomizer and its staff do not guarantee the quality or randomness of numbers they generate. Any use to which these numbers are put remains the sole responsibility of the user who generated them.
a. Go to the website about.htm and generate one set of 20 random numbers from 1 to 9, where each number can repeat (select “No” for each number to be unique). (Use your computer, calculator, or Table 1 in the back, if you do not have a Web connection.)
b. Test your set for randomness above and below the median value of 5. Use a = 0.05 .
c. Conduct the test again with the same parameters.
d. Test your new set for randomness. Use a = 0.05. Did you get the same results?
e. Solve part d using the standard normal distribution. Did you reach the same conclusion?

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