Reshier Company makes three types of rug shampooers Model 1
Reshier Company makes three types of rug shampooers. Model 1 is the basic model rented through hardware stores and supermarkets. Model 2 is a more advanced model with both dry and wet-vacuuming capabilities. Model 3 is the heavy-duty riding shampooer sold to hotels and convention centers. A segmented income statement is shown below.
While all models have positive contribution margins, Reshier Company is concerned because operating income is less than 10 percent of sales and is low for this type of company. The company’s controller gathered additional information on fixed costs to see why they were so high.
The following information on activities and drivers was gathered:
In addition, Model 1 requires the rental of specialized equipment costing $20,000 per year.
1. Reformulate the segmented income statement using the additional information on activities.
2. Using your answer to Requirement 1, assume that Reshier Company is considering dropping any model with a negative product margin. What are the alternatives? Which alternative is more cost effective and by how much?
3. What if Reshier Company can only avoid 175 hours of engineering time and 5,000 hours of setup time that are attributable to Model 1? How does that affect the alternatives presented in Requirement 2? Which alternative is more cost effective and by how much?
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