Question: Respond to each of the three questions below 1 What

Respond to each of the three questions below:
1. What is religion? Do not look up an “official” definition. From your experience and observations, how would you describe or define religion?
2. What has your experience with religion been? This might include your involvement in religion. Or, if you haven’t really been involved in religion, your experience would be what you have observed or experienced as an “outsider” to religion.
3. What is your attitude toward religion? Why? This might include an attitude on the following continuum: antagonistic – cynical – skeptical – disinterested – bored – interested – curious – committed

1. One (at least) complete typed page
2. 1” margins on the top bottom and sides
3. Double-spaced
4. Typed with 12 pt. font
5. Due second class meeting

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