Retail Records Inc acquired all of Decibel Studios voting shares
Retail Records Inc. acquired all of Decibel Studios’ voting shares on January 1, 20X2, for $280,000. Retail’s balance sheet immediately after the combination contained the following balances:

Decibel’s balance sheet at acquisition contained the following balances:

On the date of combination, the inventory held by Decibel had a fair value of $170,000, and its buildings and recording equipment had a fair value of $375,000. Goodwill reported by Decibel resulted from a purchase of Sound Stage Enterprises in 20X1. Sound Stage was liquidated and its assets and liabilities were brought onto Decibel’s books.

Compute the balances to be reported in the consolidated balance sheet immediately after the acquisition for:
a. Inventory.
b. Buildings and Equipment (net).
c. Investment in Decibel Stock.
d. Goodwill.
e. Common Stock.
f. RetainedEarnings.
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