Return to the case of the diagnostic scanner discussed in Problems 1 through 6. Suppose the entire $5,200,000 purchase price of the scanner is borrowed. The rate on the loan is 8 percent, and the loan will be repaid in equal installments. Create a lease-versus-buy analysis that explicitly incorporates the loan payments. Show that the NPV of leasing instead of buying is not changed from what it was in Problem 1. Why is this so?
In Problem 1, Assume that the tax rate is 35 percent. You can borrow at 8 percent before taxes. Should you lease or buy?
You work for a nuclear research laboratory that is contemplating leasing a diagnostic scanner (leasing is a common practice with expensive, high-tech equipment). The scanner costs $5,200,000, and it would be depreciated straight-line to zero over four years. Because of radiation contamination, it will actually be completely valueless in four years. You can lease it for $1,525,000 per year for four years.

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