Question: Review the advertisement in Exhibit and list all the inaccuracies

Review the advertisement in Exhibit and list all the inaccuracies and false or misleading statements made. If you cannot prove that some statements are false, you can assume that some statements are false.
Make Over $200,000 a Year Working at Home Part-Time
“I work only two evenings a week. I only have a high school education, and it took only 10 days
(One Saturday a week for ten weeks) to learn how to be a Board Certified Independent Paralegal. I made $245,000 last year doing legal work in my spare time.” Two years ago, James Jones was a construction worker working for $12.50 an hour. Today, he is a wealthy entrepreneur with his own paralegal business.
NO legal education required!
NO legal experience required!
We’ll teach you all you need to know!
Owns a Ranch in Flower Falls and a $750,000 home in Roland Heights
After attending our prestigious paralegal school, James now enjoys frequent vacations to Europe and has been around the world twice! At our school, James learned how to help others with their divorces, bankruptcies, wills, name changes, incorporations, and landlord-tenant matters. At first he started out by charging his clients a nominal fee but then learned that the demand was so great he tripled his fees and reduced his hours.
Hottest Profession in the Country
The Department of Labor said that the paralegal profession was one of the hottest professions in the country. Start NOW to become part of the fastest-growing profession in the United States. In just 10 tutorial visits, you can become a Board Certified Independent Paralegal, certified by the prestigious Professional Paralegal Bar Association of the United States of America, of which Jones is the president. For the low price of $1,200 per lesson, you can learn the secrets of successful independent paralegals. The fee includes software and manuals.
Cruises the Bahamas Six Months a Year in His Own Private Yacht
A FREE seminar is offered at the Holiday Inn, 346 Main St., Anytown, on Saturday, June 30, at 10 A.M. The seminar is sponsored by the prestigious Professional Paralegal Bar Association. At this seminar, you will find out how becoming an independent paralegal is the easiest and most lucrative home business in the country. CALL NOW (999) 555-5555 for your reservation in this seminar. The first ten calls will receive a FREE $50 manual entitled “How to Sue Any SOB for Millions without a Lawyer.”
James Jones Is Booked to Make Over $400,000 Next Year
The time is NOW to get started. Riches await you. Because of the demand for this program, all the Monday and Wednesday evening tutorial classes are filled, and there is a waiting period of over 10 months. There are still a few seats left in our Tuesday/Thursday evening tutorial sessions and two seats left for the Saturday session. HURRY! Call (999) 555-5555 for a schedule of classes at a location near you.

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