Question: Review the comprehensive annual financial report CAFR you obtained 1

Review the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) you obtained.
1. Indicate the activities accounted for in both internal service funds and major enterprise funds. Comment on whether any of these activities could also have been accounted for in a general or other governmental fund.
2. How are the internal service fund activities reported in the government-wide statement of net position? How are they reported in the proprietary funds statement of net position?
3. Did any of the internal service funds report significant operating surpluses or deficits for the year? Were any accumulated significant net asset balances over the years not invested in capital assets?
4. Were any of the government's enterprise funds ''profitable'' during the year? If so, what has the government done with the ''earnings''? Has it transferred them to the general fund?
5. Does the government have revenue bonds outstanding that are related to business-type activities? If so, for what activities?
6. Do the financial statements include a statement of cash flows for proprietary funds? Is the statement on a direct or an indirect basis? In how many categories are the cash flows presented? Which of these categories resulted in net cash inflows? Which resulted in net cash outflows?
7. What was the total operating income? What was total net cash provided by operating activities? What accounts for the largest difference between these two amounts?
8. Has the city entered in to any service concession arrangements? Which specific ones and why?

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