Question: Review the description of the South Dakota workers compensation

Review the description of the South Dakota workers' compensation project in Your Turn 1-3. There were legal hurdles to implementing a digital solution to handle workers' compensation claims. One hurdle was that the previous paper method had physical signatures from employees signing off that they had received treatment or that the doctor had signed off on medical treatment performed. How could such permissions be preserved and duplicated digitally? In addition, some clerks were afraid that the digital solution might not work. What if they could not find an electronic file on the computer? What if a hard drive crashed or the files were accidentally deleted? What if they could not retrieve the electronic file?

1. What legal issues might arise from having only "digital signatures" or only electronic/paper copies of documents instead of physical documents? How do these issues affect the project's feasibility?
2. In terms of organizational feasibility and adoption, what might an analyst do to convince these clerks to adopt and use the new technology?

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