Question: Review the financial statements and related notes of Starbucks in

Review the financial statements and related notes of Starbucks in Appendix A.
Answer the following questions pertaining to Starbucks’s balance sheet as of September 29, 2013, and related information. (You do not need to make any calculations. All answers may be found in the financial report.) Indicate on what page of the annual report you located the answer.
1. What was the amount of the current assets and current liabilities?
2. What was the single largest current asset and current liability?
3. What was the amount in the allowance for doubtful accounts?
4. What is the par value of the company’s common stock? How many shares were issued and outstanding?
5. What was the total amount of inventory? What were the principal categories of inventory?
6. What costing method was used for inventories?
7. What was the total property, plant, and equipment before and after accumulated depreciation?
8. What was the accumulated depreciation? What method does the company use to depreciate its property, plant, and equipment?
9. What was the long-term debt? What is the interest rate on that long-term debt? When is the debt due?
10. What was the retained earnings balance? What caused retained earnings to change in 2013?
11. What was the accumulated other comprehensive income balance?
12. What was the noncontrolling interest balance?

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