Question: Review the Google SEC Form 10 K online at www wiley com college pratt and

Review the Google SEC Form 10-K online at, and answer the following questions:
a. What is working capital, and what is the trend in Google’s working capital position in recent years?
b. How much did working capital change as a percentage of total assets over that time period?
c. What happened to Google’s current ratio over the last year? What accounted for the change?
d. What are the most important current liabilities reported by Google?
e. Compute Google’s accounts payable turnover (see Chapter 5) for the past two years. Comment on any change. (Note: The accounts payable at the end of 12 totaled $483.)
f. Is Google concerned with any major contingencies (see note 11)?
g. Briefly describe the largest accrued liabilities and the basic form of the entry lending to their recognition on the balance sheet.
h. What kind of pension plan does Google provide for its employees? How much did the company contribute to the plan in the last three years?
i. Compute Google’s conservatism ratio over the last three years. Comment on whether the company’s financial reporting was conservative or aggressive across the three-year period.

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