Question: Revise each of these sentences to improve you attitude and positive

Revise each of these sentences to improve you-attitude and positive emphasis. You may need to add information.
1. I understand that your company has had problems due to the mistranslation of documents during international ad campaigns.
2. Included in my résumé are the courses in Finance that earned me a fairly attractive grade average.
3. I am looking for a position that gives me a chance to advance quickly.
4. Although short on experience, I am long on effort and enthusiasm.
5. I have been with the company from its beginning to its present unfortunate state of bankruptcy.
6. I wish to apply for a job at Austin Electronics. I will graduate from Florida State in May. I offer you a degree in electrical engineering and part-time work at Best Buy.
7. I was so excited to see your opening. This job is perfect for me.
8. You will find me a dedicated worker, because I really need a job.

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