Question: Revise the following memo to improve positive tone TO All

Revise the following memo to improve positive tone.

TO: All Staff
SUBJECT: Decorating Your Work
Area with the arrival of the holiday season, employees who wish to decorate their work areas should do so only with great caution. Don’t do something stupid that might burn down the entire office. If you wish to decorate, don’t forget the following guidelines:
1. If using decorative lights, don’t place them in obstructive places.
2. Do not overload your workstation with decorations that will interfere with your daily duties.
3. Don’t forget to turn off and/or unplug all lights at the end of your workday.
4. Do not use hot lights; they can burn your countertop so it is imperative that everyone take care in selecting your lights.
5. Do not use decorations which will offend people of other religions.
6. Absolutely no candles are allowed.
Don’t forget these guidelines, and we’ll have a great holiday season. Thank you for your cooperation.

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