Revise the following sentences to correct errors in noun pronoun and
Revise the following sentences to correct errors in noun–pronoun and subject–verb agreement.
1. If there’s any tickets left, they’ll be $17 at the door.
2. A team of people from marketing, finance, and production are preparing the proposal.
3. Image type and resolution varies among clip art packages.
4. Your health and the health of your family is very important to us.
5. If a group member doesn’t complete their assigned work, it slows the whole project down.
6. Baker & Baker was offended by the ad agency’s sloppy proposal, and they withdrew their account from the firm.
7. To get out of debt you need to cut up your credit cards, which is hard to do.
8. Contests are fun for employees and creates sales incentives.
9. The higher the position a person has, the more professional their image should be.
10. A new employee should try to read verbal and nonverbal signals to see which aspects of your job are most important.

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