Revise these sentences to improve you attitude and positive emphasis Eliminate
Revise these sentences to improve you-attitude and positive emphasis. Eliminate any awkward phrasing. In some cases, you may need to add information to revise the sentence effectively.
1. You’ll be happy to learn that the cost of tuition will not rise next year.
2. Although I was only an intern and didn’t actually make presentations to major clients, I was required to prepare PowerPoint slides for the meetings and to answer some of the clients’ questions.
3. At DiYanni Homes we have more than 30 plans that we will personalize just for you.
4. Please notify HR of your bank change as soon as possible to prevent a disruption of your direct deposit.
5. I’m sorry you were worried. You did not miss the deadline for signing up for a flexible medical spending account.
6. We are in the process of upgrading our website. Please bear with us.
7. You will be happy to hear that our cellphone plan does not charge you for incoming calls.
8. The employee discount may only be used for purchases for your own use or for gifts; you may not buy items for resale. To prevent any abuse of the discount privilege, you may be asked to justify your purchase.
9. I apologize for my delay in answering your inquiry. The problem was that I had to check with our suppliers to see whether we could provide the item in the quantity you say you want. We can.
10. If you mailed a check with your order, as you claim, we failed to receive it.
11. This job sounds perfect for me.

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