Question: Rewrite the following sentences making them shorter and more concise

Rewrite the following sentences, making them shorter and more concise while maintaining their main points:
a. For good reasons, the secretary may grant extensions of time in 30-day increments for filing of the lease and all required bonds, provided that additional extensions requests are submitted and approved before the expiration of the original 30days or the previously granted extension.
b. If the state agency finds that an individual has received a payment to which the individual was not entitled, whether or not the payment was due to the individual’s fault or misrepresentation, the individual shall be liable to repay to the state the total sum of the payment to which the individual was not entitled.
c. Universities differ greatly in style, with some being located on out of town campuses in parkland, others having buildings scattered about parts of city centers and others being at various points between these two extremes.

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