Question: Rick Yurko frequently purchased lottery tickets from Phyllis Huisel at

Rick Yurko frequently purchased lottery tickets from Phyllis Huisel at the coffee shop she operated. In February 1990, Yurko bought 100 scratchoff lottery tickets, which revealed instant winners when a film covering was scratched off. Yurko asked Phyllis, Judy Fitchie, and Frances Vincent to help him scratch off the tickets. Yurko stated that if they helped him, they would be his partners and share in any winnings. Judy uncovered a ticket that gave its owner a chance to be on television and win $100,000. The owner had to complete a form on the back of the ticket and submit it for a drawing.
Six tickets would be drawn for the TV appearance. Judy and Yurko urged Phyllis to fill out the ticket, but she did not want to appear on TV, so Yurko said he would. After a discussion, Frances, Judy, Phyllis, and Yurko agreed that Yurko would represent them on TV. Yurko then printed on the back of the ticket "F. J. P. Rick Yurko." F.J.P. stood for the first initials of Frances, Judy, and Phyllis. As Yurko completed the tickets, he told Phyllis that he was going to put all their initials and his name on the ticket and that they would be partners no matter what they might win. You can predict what happened next. The ticket was drawn for the TV show, and Yurko appeared on the show and won the $100,000 prize. He did not share the winnings with the three women. Were the three women able to share the winnings by proving they were partners with Yurko?

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