Question: Ring Delights is a new company that manufactures custom jewellery Ring

Ring Delights is a new company that manufactures custom jewellery.
Ring Delights currently has six customers referenced by customer number: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, and 06. Besides the costs of making the jewellery, the company has the following activities:
1. Customer orders. The salespeople, designers, and jewellery makers spend time with the customer. The cost driver rate is $40 per hour spent with a customer.
2. Customer fittings. Before the jewellery piece is completed the customer may come in to make sure it looks right and fits properly. Cost driver rate is $25 per hour.
3. Rush orders. Some customers want their jewellery quickly. The cost driver rate is $100 per rush order.
4. Number of customer return visits. Customers may return jewellery up to 30 days after the pickup of the jewellery to have something refitted or repaired at no charge. The cost driver rate is $30 per return visit. Information about the six customers follows. Some customers purchased multiple items. The cost of the jewellery is 70% of the selling price.
1. Calculate the customer-level operating income for each customer. Rank the customers in order of most to least profitable and prepare a customer profitability analysis, as in Exhibit 16-12.
2. Are any customers unprofitable? What is causing this? What should Ring Delights do with respect to these customers?

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