Question: ROBCOR Inc whose sample data are contained in the database

ROBCOR, Inc., whose sample data are contained in the database named Ch13_P4.mdb, provides "on demand" aviation charters using a mix of different aircraft and aircraft types. Because ROBCOR has grown rapidly, its owner has hired you to be its first database manager. The company's database, developed by an outside consulting team, already has a charter database in place to help manage all of its operations. Your first and critical assignment is to develop a decision support system to analyze the charter data. (Review the company’s operations in Problems 24-31 in Chapter 3, The Relational Database Model.) The charter operations manager wants to be able to analyze charter data such as cost, hours flown, fuel used, and revenue. She also wants to be able to drill down by pilot, type of airplane, and time periods.
Given those requirements, complete the following:
a. Create a star schema for the charter data.
b. Define the dimensions and attributes for the charter operation’s star schema.
c. Define the necessary attribute hierarchies.

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