Rocky Corporation is experiencing cash flow problems It needs to
Rocky Corporation is experiencing cash flow problems. It needs to generate an additional $60,000 of working capital and is considering selling off assets to meet this need. Rocky’s marginal tax rate is 34 percent and it has no prior year capital gains. It is considering three alternatives, as follows:
Alternative 1: Sell land for $60,000. The land was acquired three years ago as an investment at a cost of $90,000. Ground contamination caused by industrial dumping has caused the property value to decline.
Alternative 2: Sell land and a building used in Rocky’s business. The two assets together could be sold for $60,000, of which $50,000 is attributable to the building and $10,000 is attributable to the land. The building has an adjusted tax basis of $23,000; the land has an adjusted tax basis of $17,000.
Alternative 3: Sell obsolete business machinery and equipment. The machinery has an adjusted basis of $100,000 and can be sold for $60,000. Determine the impact of each of these alternatives on current year cash flow. Which alternative or alternatives provide the needed cash flow?
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