Rodi was recruited to the defendant law school which had
Rodi was recruited to the defendant law school, which had provisional accreditation, by statements indicating that accreditation would be forthcoming.
(However, the school's catalog, which was sent to Rodi, stated that it made no representations about accreditation.) After his first year, the school was still unaccredited and he considered transfer. Accreditation was essential for him to sit for the New Jersey bar. The acting dean of the school learned of Rodi's intentions and wrote him that there was "no cause for pessimism" about accreditation. In fact, however, the school had strayed farther away from accreditation standards. The school was not accredited by the time Rodi graduated, and he was unable to sit for the New Jersey bar. He sued the acting dean and the law school for fraud. Should his complaint be dismissed?

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