Question: Running Head MOTIVATION AND LEADERSHIP Employee Needs 1 Pleas

Employee Needs:
1) Please take a look at the bulleted needs described on pages 238-240: survival, security, belonging, respect, and fulfillment. Then, describe how your organization meets those needs, and explain what they could do differently to better meet the fulfillment needs. (see attached pages 238-240.
Happy Employees – common, or scarce?
2) To kick off this discussion, remember what we were discussing this week about happy employees. Our lecture talked about making employees number one. How prevalent do you find this to be? Do you think it is common? Why or why not? Is it a lack of knowledge, ignorance, or arrogance? You would think that this concept was easy to understand. Do you think today's managers and leaders forgot to read the handbook on effective employee management?
Course Text: The Art of Leadership
3rd Edition
By George Manning, Kent Curtis
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