Question: Rush Company budgeted that it would incur 180 000 of manufacturing

Rush Company budgeted that it would incur $180,000 of manufacturing overhead costs in the upcoming period. By the end of the period, Rush had actually incurred manufacturing overhead costs totaling $192,000. Other information from the company’s accounting records is provided below:
• Beginning Work in Process Inventory was $30,000, whereas ending Work in Process Inventory was $25,000.
• Total manufacturing costs of $470,000 were charged to Work in Process Inventory during the period. This amount included direct materials costs of $200,000.
• Workers logged 5,400 direct labor hours during the period.
• Beginning Finished Goods Inventory was $50,000.
• The Manufacturing Overhead account had a $30,000 debit balance immediately prior to closing at the end of the period. Manufacturing overhead was applied to jobs throughout the period on the basis of direct labor hours.
• Prior to any adjustment to account for overapplied or underapplied manufacturing overhead,
Cost of Goods Sold had a $520,000 debit balance.
• Sales for the period totaled $1,050,000, whereas selling and administrative expenses totaled $400,000.
a. Determine how much manufacturing overhead was applied to jobs during the period.
b. Determine the company’s manufacturing overhead application rate per direct labor hour.
c. How many direct labor hours were budgeted at the beginning of the period?
d. What was the average hourly wage rate earned by direct labor workers?
e. What was the company’s ending Finished Goods Inventory balance?
f. What was the company’s net income for the period? Ignore taxes.

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