Question: S L P Craft would like your help in developing

S. L. P. Craft would like your help in developing a layout for a new outpatient clinic to be built in California. From analysis of another recently built clinic, she obtains the data shown in the following diagram. This includes the number of trips made by patients between departments on a typical day (shown above the diagonal line) and the lettered weights (defined in Exhibit 8.8C) between departments as specified by the new clinic’s physicians (below the diagonal). The new building will be 60 feet by 20 feet. (Assume distances are measured from the center of the departments and “straight line” to the other department centers.)
a. Develop an interdepartmental flow graph that considers patient travel trips.
b. Develop a “good” relationship diagram using systematic layout planning.
c. Choose either of the layouts obtained in (a) or (b) and sketch the departments to scale within the building.
d. Will this layout be satisfactory to the nursing staff?Explain.

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