Safety House provides shelter and services to homeless and runaway
Safety House provides shelter and services to homeless and runaway youth in Vancouver. Safety House began in the early 1980s as a group home providing a safe haven to street children in the city but now provides additional services including a telephone support line, outreach programs, substance abuse programs, and other necessary community services. In recent years it has become an advocacy group for children, making government and the public aware of the problems faced by youth, as well as working with government and community social service agencies to improve the lives of children and families. Safety House is managed by people with experience in social services and it employs about 100 people who fill a wide range of roles. Safety House raises money from the public through a variety of fundraising programs and receives a significant amount of money from the provincial government.

Identify all of the stakeholders in Safety House and explain their "stake" in the organization. Not all the stakeholders are explicitly referred to in the scenario. You will have to think about the situation carefully to identify some of the stakeholders.

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