Samantha Green owns and operates Twigs Tree Trimming Service Samantha
Samantha Green owns and operates Twigs Tree Trimming Service. Samantha graduated from the forestry program of a nearby university and worked for a large landscape design firm, performing tree trimming and removal. After several years of experience, she bought her own truck, stump grinder, and other equipment and opened her own business in St. Louis, Missouri.
Although many of her jobs are one-time operations to remove a tree or stump, others are recurring, such as trimming a tree or groups of trees every year or every other year. When business is slow, she calls former clients to remind them of her services and of the need to trim their trees on a regular basis.
Samantha has never heard of Michael Porter or any of his theories. She operates her business “by the seat of her pants.”
a. Explain how an analysis of the five competitive forces could help Samantha.
b. Do you think Samantha has a competitive strategy? What competitive strategy would seem to make sense for her?
c. How would knowledge of her competitive strategy help her sales and marketing efforts?
d. Describe, in general terms, the kind of information system that she needs to support sales and marketing efforts.
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