Question: Samantha Green the same Samantha we met at the end

Samantha Green (the same Samantha we met at the end of Chapter 3, p. 71) owns and operates Twigs Tree Trimming Service. Recall that Samantha has a degree from a forestry program and recently opened her business in St. Louis, Missouri. Her business consists of many one-time operations (e.g., removing a tree or stump), as well as recurring services (e.g., trimming customers’ trees every year or two). When business is slow, Samantha calls former clients to remind them of her services and of the need to trim their trees on a regular basis.
a. Name and describe tables of data that Samantha will need to run her business. Indicate possible fields for each table.
b. Could Samantha use a spreadsheet to keep track of this data? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of doing so?
c. Using your answer to part ‘a’, give an example of two relationships that Samantha needs to track. Show the keys and foreign keys for each.
d. Which of the following components of a database application is Samantha likely to need: data entry forms, reports, queries, or application program? Explain one use for each that she needs.
e. Will this application be for one user or for multiple users? Will she need a personal DBMS or an enterprise DBMS? If a personal DBMS, which product will she use?

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