Sammy County is preparing financial statements for the year ended
Sammy County is preparing financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2012. Based on the following facts, prepare journal entries to record the appropriate year- end revenue accruals and other adjustments in the county’s General Fund. Also, state the accounting principle that justifies each journal entry.
1. At year- end, Sammy’s delinquent property tax receivables were $ 60,000. The county estimated that $ 35,000 of those delinquencies would be collected by February 28, 2013, and the balance would trickle in during the rest of 2013.
2. Sales taxes are collected by the state on behalf of the county. On January 20, 2013, the state advised the county that (a) it would send the county a check for $ 150,000 before February 28, 2013, for taxes collected by merchants for the fourth quarter of 2012; and (b) based on past experience, it anticipated sending an additional check for approximately $ 45,000 during March or April for taxes received from late filers. Sammy’s policy regarding sales taxes is to consider as “available” all taxes received before April 30, provided they were collected by merchants in the period covered by the financial statements.
3. Pursuant to state law, the county receives an annual grant from the state to inspect nursing homes and day care centers within the county. The law provides that the state will reimburse the county for 50 percent of salary and travel costs incurred by the county, but no more than the amount appropriated in the state budget for that purpose. For 2012 the amount appropriated by the state for Sammy County was $ 240,000. Sammy received an advance payment of $ 175,000 in January 2012 and was to apply for any additional amount due to the county before January 31, 2013. Sammy determined that it had spent a total of $ 520,000 (covering both the county’s share and the state’s share of the costs) on the program.

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